We Simplify Your Maritime Business

Because of our experience, and high standard of service, we are here not only as a Maritime Service Provider, but also as a personal advisor. We have such an broad experience in the maritime business that we will always provide you the best tailor made solutions. This is why so many of our clients use us, because if it is humanly possible we will get it done. And therefore we help you simplify your maritime business.

Unlimited Possibilities

Triton Shipping B.V.

Triton Shipping opened its doors at the end of 2009 right in the middle of the economic crisis, many people advised us against it, but we figured if we can make it now it can only become bigger from there. With dedication and hard work of 2 people we managed to start out business in the distribution and warehousing of mooring ropes.

Since then we have grown slowly year over year basing our business model on providing a good value with the best service. In 2014 we decided to include maritime logistics into our services. We have grown our logistics department to the next level by having a 3500m2 warehouse, bonded license for T1 spares, and a online tracking system (TIS) to track your spares.

Since then we have grown to a team of 8 people, and even though we are a small team we give back big value due to our dedication and experience in our field.

Useful Statistics from Triton Group

The numbers speak for themselves. We our proud for our excellent, affordable and reliable services.


Delivery time within Rotterdam about 2 hours, Amsterdam 3 hours and Antwerp 4 hours


Deliveries made each month, by Trucks, Barge, Train, Container, Aircraft 24/7


Over 20 Trailers, Trucks, Vans available for almost immediate delivery of your goods 24/7


40 Ft Containers per month, over 80 tons of stock with mooring ropes, tails and wires


Tons of goods shipped Worldwide each month
Triton Shipping

Our name and Logo

As the company founder and first clients were from Greek origin the owner wanted to create something that represented Greece, and Maritime. Triton was the main option.

Triton (/ˈtraɪtən/; Greek: Τρίτων Tritōn) is a Greek god of the sea, the son of Poseidon

Triton is portrayed as the messenger or herald for the god Poseidon.

We see ourselves as the an extension of our clients a messenger as you will to ensure the best possible operations of the vessel.

Our logo was was created by combining the trident of Poseidon when upside down, and the bow of a ship in its current form putting both our name and our passion in our logo.