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Ability to deliver from our huge stock of over 800, 8 and 24 strandmooring ropes, tails, and wire ropes from stock. Supplemented by global supplies with over 20 stock points worldwide. We are a official distributor for TonsbergShackles.

Spares, logistics and warehousing

  • Anchors & chains upon request sourced from our factory in Thiva, Greece.
  • Competitive prices for total service; General Ship Supply with, deck, engine, cabin stores, and both frozen and fresh provisions.
  • With over 16 Combo’s, Vans, trucks, and trailers available we can arrange any delivery throughout Europe in record time.

Triton Shipping

Triton Shipping is a Maritime Service Provider with a lot of experience in Mooring Gear, Global Forwarding of ship spares, and Safety.