Kapaneema Plus

Kapaneema Plus consists of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibre and a polyester fibre braided jacket (HMPE+j). This combination ensures a non – rotating, non kinking rope. Maintains high strength, makes the cross section round while protecting the core and giving a higher melting point.



Materials: Dyneema ® (name of DSM-HMPE fiber) and high density Polyester (fibers) Melting Point: 265oC / 150oC Specific gravity*: 0.99 to 1.36 Elongation at break: 4-5% Water absorption: 1-23% (±) depending on jackets mass UV resistance: Very good because of jacket Weight: 1/6 approximately of same diameter wire ropeConstruction: Load bearing cores with a polyester protective cover that ensures uniformity while in use Treatment: For marine applications Abrasion resistance: Excellent Chemical resistance: Good Strength: The same wet or dry Core: Various depending on application Coloring: White – black – blue – yellow – red



Mooring lines (to be used with nylon mooring tails) Towing rope primary and secondary Anchor lines Off shore applications Tug lines Industrial fishingFish farms * The above features are given for a special polyester jacket. If customer decides on some other material for any purpose to jacket the ropes, then all features vary accordingly.

Data Sheet Kapaneema Plus

Data Sheet Kapaneema

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