Kapa Mooring Ropes Weaved 24 Strand of Mixed Materials

Ropes that are recommended in OCIMF guidelines to serve on OBO’S – OOC’S, TSH’S – ULCC’S and GC’S in a most effective way. These ropes are weaved as 12 twill strands (24), the machines having 24 carriers that rotate in pairs around each other to construct a round cross section rope. In this construction polyester is combined with high density polyolefin flat filaments in three variations, in order to meet the different needs customers have. The three analogies depend on the polyester percentage that takes 25%-40% and 50% giving the rest to the polyolefin that filaments construct the “Kapa float – Kapa flex and Kapa strong” respectively.  All three constructions have the same features, more or less, apart from the specific gravity that is different depending on the amount of polyester it contains – 0.99 for the kapa float, 1.10 for the kapa flex, 1.15 for the kapa strong.



  • Same strength, wet or dry.
  • Made extremely resistant to abrasion and with almost nullified inner friction.
  • Withstanding perfectly Dynamic loads.
  • The very good properties it possesses extend the activity / working life of the rope by far.
  • Comfortable handling and flexibility are retained even after extensive and long time use.
  • U.V. stabilized.
  • High melting point 265oC / 185oC.
  • Elongation 12%.
  • Non rotating, torque free, hangs straight under load.
  • Non kinking, non hockling.
  • Excellent grip

Kapa Float

Data Sheet Of Kapa Flex

Data Sheet Of Kapa Strong

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