8 strand mixed material & Polypropylene Ropes

Our company D. Koronakis S.A. has been producing mixed fiber ropes for more than 35 years now. In recent years OCIMF has issued guidelines regarding the performance of materials in relation to several applications. Our constructions of mixed materials meet in full the OCIMF guidelines through a process that was well known to us. The fibers used, high density olefin and polyester the later placed mostly on the ropes surface in such a formation so that the best qualities of each material involved are taken to advantage.



The most common rope constructions are the ones mentioned below.Float 8: 25% polyester and 75% high density olefin per weight costruction is used with the polyester covering 100% of the rope’s surface, yet costructing a floating rope. Flex 8: 40% polyester and 60% high density olefin fiber per weight construction is used. The ropes surface is totally covered by – thick polyester jacket ensuring increased abrasion and temperature resistance (Non floating). Strong 8: 50% polyester and 50% high density olefin fibers per weight construction. This rope having all the qualities of the Flex construction is really made to prove its name. Oceanic 8: The latest development of our industry in the mixed material 8 strand ropes with 30% of the surface fibers being polyester and 70% high density olefins. A combination that guarantees floatability and high braeking loads.

Data Sheet of Oceanic 8

Data Sheet of Float 8

Data Sheet Of Flex-8

Data Sheet of Strong 8

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